Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please email Gov. Crist to Veto SB 360

The legislature has passed SB 360 which will help destroy the Florida I have grown to love since moving here 34 years ago. Enough has been lost to dredge and fill, filling in wetlands. "mitigation" and other destruction of the Florida that used to be.  Please email him TODAY...

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Dan said...

Well said, Tank. Crist has until this Tuesday to make his decision, so anyone who's concerned about this bill should e-mail him today or call tomorrow. If anyone reading is wondering why this bill is so bad, check out this video for an executive summary:

Also, Tank, since I see you work with HOAs and COAs, I just want to point out that owners should be very wary of this bill, which makes developing additional suburbs even cheaper for builders -- a frightening proposition given the immensity of Florida's current housing surplus and the dreadful resale value of homes that is in part a product of that surplus. In other words, because of SB 360, the recovery of the housing market is likely to take even longer.

The St. Petersburg Times recently printed an article entitled "Numerous new condominiums smother resale market," which explained that because of the surplus of new homes, "For most owners on the selling market, it's either cut the asking price to the bone or settle in for a long, long wait." They published that article in 1984, incidentally, but legislators apparently didn't get the memo.