Monday, August 24, 2009

OT but important

To the extent that anybody actually reads my missives, this is an important one, non condo/hoa related..

I am sickened by comparisons of President Obama to Hitler, including a portrait of him with a similar mustache, and other use of Nazi symbols at health care "forums" that trivialize the memory of those who died in the Holocaust.

I am disgusted by the constant use of the use of the term Holocaust except as it related to the attempt of Nazi Germany to extinguish Jewish DNA, as well as others who were so cruelly put to death.

In the weeks leading up to the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, many opposed to his policies, solely on the right of the political spectrum, demonstrated with pictures of Rabin with a Hitler moustache, Nazi swastikas, etc., etc. That type of speech encourages people at the fringes of society to conclude that they must "stop" the actor, which lead to his murder. I am deeply afraid of what might happen if the same rhetoric continues here.

One person I discussed this with even commented that Obama is a Socialist, and the Nazis were the "National Socialists" so they are one and the same; what a sap. Nazis were fascists, but the use of the name again dupes to dupes into thinking that this is "Socialism." Some elements of Socialism were present but it was a far cry from what we see in Sweden, but I digress...

I think it's time that we speak out and demand that this vilification stop immediately. This is largely a product of the right wing, and while I am mindful of the people who called President Bush a Nazi, the rhetoric has been ratcheted up to 11.

This type of arguably protected speech under the Constitution puts Jews front and center in the Health Care discussion, like it or not. There is NOTHING that compares to the Holocaust ("Palestinians" compare their treatment under Israeli rule as a "holocaust" if so why are there 2 million of them now and just 250,000 of them in 1948? The Jews of Poland and Europe could have flourished under such treatment!). Why must symbols of the destruction of Jewish society in Europe be used by people in this debate? Shame on you!

Stop it now!

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