Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CCFJ incites hate speech

I am a fan of sorts of the site, www.ccfj.net. I appreciate Jan Bergmann's point of view but I disagree with it. Recently I asked him to stop referring to "Gestapo" Boards. That type of reference has no place in disagreements about operations of community associations. When I suggested to him that it is offensive and that many of my relatives were murdered by Germans he took offense as not every German participated in the war (crimes) and there were even some "Righteous Gentiles" and people who actively opposed the Nazis....nevertheless nothing any board has ever done comes close to what the Gestapo paerticipated in.

Jan disagrees with me telling me I need a history lesson; here's my history lesson for everybody who uses "Gestapo" or "Nazi" in ANY political discourse: STOP IT! It adds nothing to the debate and incites violence towards directors who risk enough of theor time to try to do the best for their boards. Let Jan know if you agree with me...

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