Sunday, January 18, 2009

Renting/foreclosed properties

It goes without saying that we are in a depression in the multifamily commonly owned property industry in Florida. The price and value of Condo, HOA and other types of property is in the process of reverting to the mean.

Now I am not a fortune teller, as that is contrary to my religion; additionally I have been right for the wrong reasons before and vice versa. All I know is that I saw a half -billion dollars worth of condo projects in Sunny Isles when I was in South Florida for the BCS that has not even been finished yet; they will be finished and sit empty until foreclosed on, and the lender, and then we the people will take the haircut now that all financial losses have been socialized and all profits were, of course, privatized. Prices will continue to tumble for a looooong time, IMHO. Assessments need to be collected more urgently than ever in the midst of this disaster.

What are ongoing associations to do?

Well for one thing, when you amended your documents 3, 4 and 5 years ago to prohibit rentals in the first "x" years of ownership or capped rentals at "x" percent of units, I hope you included a sentence that says "This shall not apply to the association."

I just took over representation of a community in Gibsonton where their lawyer helped them amend LAST JULY and did not place that language in the amendment. Now, I understand as well as anybody why my communities wanted that language; there were so many speculators buying property hat they were in danger of becoming filled with tenants who have little interest in the long term success of the community. However by doing so, the flip side is that in this extremely dangerous market, if the association forecloses and takes title to the property, it will face a political and perhaps a legal problem if it takes title due to a foreclosure and tries to rent pending foreclosure of the first mortgage.

What's the bottom line? No matter what your documents say, the association should aggressively foreclose and take title to units that do not pay. People need to know that they will not hold on to their property for long, and that the association will do everything it can to divest them from title, and rent the unit to recoup some of the lost payments.

That's all I have to say about that....


paula said...
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lisa_d said...

I agree and you have a point there. Very interesting concept. Thanks for the great read.

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